Brake Failure in a Texas Semi Truck Crash

Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and often travel at higher speeds on interstate highways. As you can imagine, it can require a substantial amount of braking power to slow down or

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Should I Sign a Waiver of Accounting in Probate?

Probate Administration, In many probate administrations, the beneficiaries will be asked to sign a waiver of accounting, so as to release the personal representative of the estate from having to account to the beneficiaries. Should you sign the waiver of accounting? Florida Probate Rule 5.

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Workers’ Compensation and Medical Marijuana

This April, the Pennsylvania legislature enacted Act 16 of 2016 (the Medical Marijuana Program),which will enable patients with serious medical conditions to purchase marijuana to treat their symptoms. This is viewed as a conservative approach to the legalization of marijuana in certain circumstances, not a wholesale and liberal distribution of

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Can A Government Employee Receive a Whistleblower Award?

Can a government employee receive a whistleblower award? The answer is often yes! While we rarely see these cases, there is nothing wrong, immoral or illegal with government agents filing claims. There are exceptions depending on the program, however. IRS agents, for example can’t receive an award under the IRS

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